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I am Arnold Schwarzenegger
Pterodactyl Dinosaur Star
So, James Cameron.
He of course brought to our collective consciousness the glorious truth that many of us are actually Na'vi ( ) but now that I have just realized True Lies is a James Cameron movie, I have made the connection that this god among men surely must divine the will of the universe by revealing unto us the nature of our souls, not just through the world of Avatar, but through other films he's made as well! I was left then with the stunning realization that inside me resides the soul of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Yes, I am Awakened as a Schwareneggian.
Long have I dreamed of gallivanting with my good buddy Tom Arnold, living a secret life of espionage and intrigue unbeknownst to my lovely wife Jamie Lee Curtis, spouting thickly accented one-liners and wishing I could punch sleazy car salesmen in the face. Now I know the Truth.

Hell yeah.

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I wanna be the hot daughter. :X
Well, rather shes hot now. Or used to be last time I paid attention to her. Which was in high school and I saw "Bring It On" and wanted to be a cheerleader just because she was hot. Thankfully I realized I was stupid and just went back to drooling over her.

Ah my high school years. XDD

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see, yeah, those people weird me out. i love avatar, like its one of my favorite movies, and i'd love to join a na'vi fandom were there one. i'm also an otherkin (faun, though. ya know, a "real" mythological creature) and those people make me afraid to admit either thing in the company of normal people, roflmao.

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