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Pterodactyl Dinosaur Star



Stayed up late playing Rayman Origins-- didn't sleep long enough. probably woken out of deep sleep, as I started out agitated. Emptied dishwasher, fed cat, cleaned litterbox, showered. Shower relieved most agitation.
Tomorrow I have a game team meeting for Highway to the Moon. I'd like to have a more refined sketch for the villain to show off. Opened Sai to work on that, but ended up distracted by Cry Plays: Limbo.


Closing shift at Fred Meyer tonight. my eyes are heavy but I feel more manic than tired-- maybe its mental fatigue. Had a delicious cookie and Starbucks refresher; it helps. On lunch now.


I have a new flash project idea, involving the grim reaper arriving at a Halloween party (or, birthday party). the scene would play out like a video game, with text boxes for dialogue and a fixed side view perspective to keep things simple. Inspirational style: Sword and Sworcery.


Really gotta get to work on that steampunk piece for the RF artshow.


Anyway, work today isn't that bad. And Guild Wars 2 will be available tonight, which will be fun. Just gotta pry myself away tomorrow so I can refine that villain at some point.


Seems like there's always so much to do... but when the time is available to do it, I distract myself with the internet. Lately its been Cry's videos on YouTube. I think its okay to rest like that sure, but I don't have the discipline to snap back into work mode most times. there's a point when recuperation turns into laziness. Gotta learn how to balance.


That's all for now.


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I love you too! ;__; why are we crying?

because your post gave me a sad

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