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Pterodactyl Dinosaur Star

my boss asked me if I could please work tomorrow, full shift. I accepted because I could use the money, but I've given myself very little time for a game team obligation, in preparation for a meeting tomorrow at 7pm. looks like I'll be up late with not optimal sleep.
not too worried. I've dealt with worse stress in college. but I'm kicking myself because I had three days off and I basically spent it faffing about online like usual. I procrastinated, and opted for instant gratification. and now tonight I'll pay for it.
muscling through something-- just doing the work-- for far more rewarding delayed gratification; it is something I still need to learn. and hopefully, someday master.
I want to be a better man.


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You are the best man. So shoosh. But that sucks love. I'm sorry. :c

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